Merry Ploughboy Nassau Street shuttle pick-up point
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Location / Directions / Shuttle

Celtic note music shop Dublin Celtic note music shop Dublin Celtic note music shop Dublin

Nassau Street Shuttle Pick Up Point 18.40 (must be booked)

You must book the shuttle in advance.
You can book the shuttle online, based on the hotel you are staying at in Dublin.

Please note, the shuttle does not collect from every stop every night.
If there are no bookings for a particular pick-up point the route may alter to speed up overall journey time.

1 18.25 Dublin Writers Museum, Parnell Square North
2 18.30 Lower Abbey Street (outside Madigans Pub, opposite Wynne's Hotel)
3 18.40 Nassau Street (bus stop opposite Celtic Note / Kilkenny Design Shop)
4 18.45 Shelbourne Hotel (at steps of hotel)
5 18.50 Conrad Hotel (at front door)
6 18.55 Burlington Hotel (outside front gate)
7 19.00 Ballsbridge Hotel (bus stop outside hotel)
8 19.00 Four Seasons / Bewleys Ballsbridge (Aircoach bus stop outside hotel)

Shelbourne Hotel Dublin
Conrad Hotel Dublin
Burlington Hotel Dublin.jpg