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CD01 Live by the Liffey

20$ (incl. worldwide P&P)
Live by the Liffey CD

Track Details:
01 Sing an Irish Song
02 A Place in the Choir
03 Black Velvet Band
04 The Merry Ploughboy
05 Green Fields of France
06 The Holy Ground
07 Moring Glory
08 Rose Tree
09 James Connolly
10 Whiskey in the Jar
11 The West's awake
12 Sean South
13 The Town I loved so well
14 Wild Rover
15 Strumpet City
16 The Rare Auld Times
17 Chicago Town
18 Irsh Rover
19 A Nation Once
20 McNamara's Band / Come into the Parlour / Irish Washerwoman
21 Amhran na bhFiann

CD02 Unharnessed

20$ (incl. worldwide P&P)

Track Details:
01 Dublin Pub Crawl
02 Far Away in Australia
03 Celtic Tiger 'Flu
04 Bold Fenian Men
05 All for me Grog
06 Sliabh Gallion Braes
07 Courtin In the Kitchen
08 Bold O'Donoghue
10 Galway Races
11 Dying Rebel
12 Lark In The Morning
13 Foggy Dew
14 Old Skibbereen

CD03 "MP3"

20$ (incl. worldwide P&P)
The Merry Ploughboys 3rd CD "MP3"

Track Details:
01. The Winds Are Singing Freedom
02. God Save Ireland
03. The Old Triangle
04. Jigs - Orphan / The Kesh
05. Easy And Slow
06. Boys Of The County Cork
07. Come Take My Hand
08. Reels - Tamlin/Mountain Road
09. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
10. On The One Road
11. Finnegan's Wake
12. Little Beggarman
13. The sick note

CD04 Live in Concert

25$ (incl. worldwide P&P)
The Merry Ploughboys "Live in Concert" CD

Track Details:
01. Sing an Irish Song
02. Galway Shawl
03. I'll Tell My Ma
04. King of the Fairies
05. William Bloat
06. Fields of Athenry
07. McAlpine's Fusiliers
08. Raglan road
09. Jug of Punch
10. Chicago Town
10. Wild Rover
12. Jig: The Kesh
13. Whiskey in the Jar
14. Four Green Fields
15. Steal Away
16. Come Take My Hand
17. On the One Road
Bonus Tracks
19. Danny Boy
20. The Spoken Tongue
21. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

CD05 Rocky Road

25$ (incl. worldwide P&P) Rocky Road to Dublin CD

Track Details:
01. The Rocky Road to Dublin
02. Shores of Americay
03. Building Up And Tearing England Down
04. The Minstrel Boy
05. Carrickfergus
06. Wild Colonial Boy
07. Mick Maguire
08. Dublin Jack Of All Trades
09. Spancil Hill
10. Will Ye Go Lassie, Go
11. The Moonshiner
12. Danny Boy